Advancing Women in Technology

#EquitaWelcomes Tinsel

Tinsel founder Aniyia Williams was inspired to start her own company because, as she puts it, “women spend more on technology than men, but very few electronics product are made with them in mind.” With the goal to address the practical tech needs of women, while also being original and innovate, Williams developed the Dipper, a set of headphones that doubles as a stylish necklace.

So far, Williams has gotten an overwhelmingly positive response to the idea…

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Introducing #EquitaWelcomes

The closing of a year always brings about a time of reflection, and for us here at Equita, that means more than just personal introspection—it means looking back at what we’ve accomplished so far, and what we can do better in the coming months to be an even stronger advocate for women and girls the world over. We’ve seen some major milestones this year …

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Welcome to the Equita Blog

Similar to the reasons behind the founding of Equita several years ago, we created this blog to inspire. We see a lack in the available resources for young women, female entrepreneurs, and those interested in creating a more equal Silicon Valley…

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